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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Epilogue - January 1975

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Dad writes an addendum in January 1975:

     As I recall, Leonard di[d] come home by December, 1945 -- on a
hospital ship to Letterman Hospital in San Francisco.  He was very
sick (below 130 pounds -- some fifty pounds lighter than his usual
weight).  A less sick Major and friend said to my parents that
apparently the doctors and other patients were afraid Len might now
make it during those weeks they steamed across the Pacific -- but
he did!  (HOME ALIVE IN '45) -- and wonders of wonders!  He was well
enough to get a 5-day pass from the Hospital in San Francisco to
be with the family for Christmas, and I got a 5-day pass at Salt
Lake City Air Base (I was on my way to Japan and Korea), so I too
got to see him and be with the family for Christmas!  Len was dis-
charged from the hospital and out of active duty a few months later,
and I returned from Korea late in August, 1946  The war was over
for both of us!





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