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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

March 27 1943

World War II letters
by Leonard J. Nevis to his brother Arnold H. Nevis
March 1943 - October 1945
                                   Arnold Nevis
                                   Calif. Inst. of Tech.
                                   Dabney House
                                   Pasadena, Calif.
              CAMP DAVIS
              MAR 28
[March 27, 1943]
                                                  [something cut off at top]
                                                 [arrow ==>]  military 27 - 27th of month
                                                  1935 - 7:35 PM + EWT - zone
Dear Arnold,
How are you bud? What a life - we only
have to work seventeen hours a day for fifty dollars
a month and room and board. I have a cozy little
room that I share with twenty eight other guys.
I am on the second floor of a nice white two-roomed
bungalow - oh! pardon me we have a latrine and
trunk room - that makes four rooms for about sixty
men. We have eight wash basins, four showers,
five toilets and one wash tub. We can crowd
eight men in the showers, sixteen can shave at one
time and three can use the wash tub together, but
as yet we haven't figured out a way for more than five
men to sit on the five toilets at one time. The
room service is rather poor here, so we have to
do some of the work ourselves, - this afternoon,
which is marked free time on the schedule, we scrubbed
the barracks inside, and then we even scrubbed the
outsides - I'm not kidding. Tomorrow so we
were informed - we will scrub them again -
only this time we are to get them clean, immaculate,
spotless, super perfect.
[March 27, 1943, page 2]
The weather here at Camp Davis Country Club is
one of the outstanding attractions. The other day the
sun was shining, it was snowing, and it blowing
sand - in fact they claim that this is the only place
in the world - you can be up to your ass in mud and have
sand blowing in your face. We had nice weather last
week for our physical recreation - calesthenics - tumbling -
obstacle course - cross country hikes.
Well anyway I am learning or should I
say "broadening" my education - for one thing I found that
I can wear my leather slippers to reville and never be
noticed (the're quicker to put on thant G.I. shoes) because
it is so dark here at 6:00 AM. Although I sometimes
have to struggle to get into formation in time - I
am always in plenty of time for mess. Also I
am learning the names and methods of shoe shining to
the utmost technical degree. Tell Flavell to write -
I will write him soon. My address:
Candidate L. J. Nevis,
AA school
30th Battery 1st Platoon
Camp Davis, N.C.    [<== arrow] 30th battery, 1st Platoon
                                                      Camp Davis, N.C.
out of ink
you may show
Flavell this letter
write soon

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