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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

November 6, 1945

Letterman Hospital was in El Presidio in San Francisco. 

                                    OSAKA, HONSHU, JAPAN
                                    6th Nov 45

Dear Arnold,
     I'm sorry I haven't written for such
a long time -  but first I was busy then
I became ill. I had a relapse of yellow
jaundice caused by change of climate, fatigue,
and drinking. For about three weeks I was
sicker than hell - lots of stomach trouble, and
I was getting fed intervaneously for a while. I
still don't feel in the pink of condition, but I am getting
along pretty good now. Tomorrow I am being evacuated
to a General Hospital in Tokyo (if the plane comes in).
I stand a good chance of being evacuated to the
States in the very near future.  If so, I will
probably be sent to Letterman Hospital, San Francisco.
According to one doctor, it will take me quite a while
to completely recover my health - months.
However, I think I may be in the States by Christmas
and if so, I am going to try and get a 30 or
45 day Temporary Duty Rest leave to recuperate. I
should be in condition to do this so that it will
include Christmas and New Years - I can dream
can't I?  So don't get yourself shipped overseas -
maybe we can all be home at christmastime.

[page 2]

     Don't tell the folks about this - I don't
want to raise their hopes or have them

     There is nothing to worry about in this yellow
jaundice - the thing that makes it bad for me is
the severity of the first attack and then this relapse.
It just means that I have to get lots of rest
and stay on a fat-free, non-alcoholic diet. Also
my resistance is low - six months of steady combat
left me run-down and in poor shape. By summer
I should be back there really pitching. I am
thinking of starting school in the fall (I don't
know which one yet - maybe back east).

     Well Bud, whats new with you? - you haven't
written, yourself, for quite a while - or is the mail
system just bad. What are you going to do when 
you get out? By the way I now have 73 points,
how are you doing? By the way I Say I hear
you boys were awarded the American Defense
Ribbon the other day - congratulations! Well
I hope I will see you soon -

P.S. Please write but don't send

               "BACK ALIVE IN 45"

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