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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June 23, 1944

Note: VOCO means "Verbal Orders of Commanding Officer"

[June 23, 1944, page 1]

              UNITED STATES ARMY
              CAMP RITCHIE
                             23 June
Dear Arnold,
     I have just received a six
day leave. Eighteen hours after
finishing the course I was alerted.
I am due back the 29th. I
am trying to fly home, I have
a priority which will take me
through, however, it is raining
here and the weather has been
bad all week so I don't know
if I will be able to make it.
If not I'll come up to see you
sunday night. I don't know
how much time I'll have
when I get back from leave.
If I fly home, I'll try to
get a 24 hour VOCO sometime

[page 2]

soon after I return and go up and
see you some night. I'll say hello
to the folks love

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