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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June 20, 1943

[June 20, 1943, page 1]

(A A)
                             June 20, 1943
Dear Arnold
     So you're in the army now!
Well it isn't too bad, although
I think it will take you about
four to six weeks to get use to
it. I imagine you will get a deal
similar to the one the UCLA
ER.C. boys got, thirteen weeks of
basic training and then O.C.S.
     Army life isn't too bad,
fairly good food, clothes, nothing
to worry about, $48.40 a month for
spending money (they deduct $150 for
lanudry), a bunch of fellows to
horse around with, and the work
isn't too hard. You do have to get
use to somebody thinking for you
and telling you what to do all
the time, lack of women and
homey things, tough sgts who have
only a mouth and no brains, and

[page 2]
lack of contact with the outside
     Don't buck or try too hard, try
to do your bucking so that although
you don't work any longer or harsher
your stuff always looks just a
little bit better than average.
Watch yourself during obstacle
courses, calesthenics, and heavy
work that you don't injure or hurt
yourself, I've seen a lot of fellows
break an arm or leg or hurt themselves
lifting. The result is that you get
hospitalized and set back a couple
of months. However always do you
part and don't ask to be let out of
something or go on sick call unless
it is really necessary. If you are
asked to drill or take charge of
a group of men, do just that,
don't be superficious but do "sound
off" and don't let anybody get

[page 3]
away with anything.
     You'll meet all kinds of
fellows from the guy that can't
read or write and doesn't take a
bath but once a year to the
fellow that can speak several
languages and has only the best
tastes and manners, yet both
are just G. I., Joes. Well I've got
some personal stuff I have to
buck so I guess I'd better
close. The best advice I can think
of is what an old soldier gave to
me. "Keep your mouth shut and
you bowels open." and you'll do
                  Your brother

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