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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

July 21, 1944

[July 21, 1944, page 1]

                             July 21
Dear Folks,
     I am now somewhere
in California (thats all I can
say). The trip out here was
uneventful, execpt for the filthy
condition of the car. We came
out "Tourist" in an old pullman
car. They finally got the air
conditioning working the day before
we reached Calif., at least
we were cool crossing the desert
of Nevada.
     I have been into San
Francisco a couple of times,
its rather an expensive place
these days. The weather up
in this area has been rather

[page 2]
cool. However I like it here.
     I have been censoring mail
all morning, it gets quite boring
after a while, everybody says about
the same thing. There isn't much
that I can write about.
Except that I am fine and
everything is going well.
     You now send air mail
to me for 6¢. Please drop
me a line, I don't know
how long I'll be around this
area, I don't think it will long.
If I get any time off 3-4 days
I come home. However this
is very doubtful.
             Love to all

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