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Monday, May 26, 2014

June 14, 1944

I don't know why there is a year's gap here and I suspect that some of the 1944 dates are wrong.


[June 14, 1944]

          CAMP RITCHIE
                             June 14, 1944
Dear Arnold,
     I am sorry I can't make
it this week end, I will still
be in this special class. I am
sorry I didn't write you yesterday
when I received you letter, but I
had a rough test this morning (3 hrs).
This is the toughest course I have ever or
ever want to take. We figured the other
that it is about equivalent to an 8 unit course
in three weeks (24 units at tech), the amount of
memory work is almost unbelievable. I finish
the 21st of May, six more days of this hell
in class and one day off to study. So
I hope we can get together soon after the
21st write and set the date.

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