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Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 29, 1943

[May 29, 1943, page 1]

              UNITED STATES ARMY
              CAMP RITCHIE
                                          May 29 1943
Dear Arnold,
     I am sorry I was unable
to write you sooner about getting
together in New York, as my future (for a short period)
at that time was undecided. I have
been assigned to a new class that
will last three weeks. We started today
and will finish June 18 or 19th. The
first class (this is the second) graduated
only 50% of the original officers. It
is supposed to be the toughest course in
camp. However it is supposed to be a hot
deal and may have wonderful opportunities.
I am sorry I can't tell you much about it in
this letter, but it is very confidential.
We are not allowed to remove the text
from the classroom, and our notes must
be kept in locked footlockers.

[page 2]
     However, I think I will be around
at least a couple of weeks after I finish
(if I finish) and I hope we can get together
then. I will be glad to meet you in Stamford
or Greenwich, just say the word.
     Last weekend May 20-21 I met Flavell in New
York, and we had a swell visit together.
He has a nice set up at harvard, and
with quarters and subsistence allowances
plsu $5 per diem, he is making over $360 per
month. Some guys are just lucky, although
he did work hard for it. Why don't you
see if you can get on the same set-up.
Well keep you chin up and keep on
the ball. Write soon

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