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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

August 19, 1944

In this V-Mail letter, we see Leonard is the censor. (I don't know what the '18' is at the bottom of the v-mail.)
Print the complete address in plain letters in the panel below, and your return address in the space provided on the right. Use typewriter, dark ink, or dark pencil. Faint or small writing is not suitable for photographing.

          TO LT Arnold H. Nevis              FROM  Lt. L J Nevis
                Unit 3510                                        APO 45751
                TS-Yale Univ.                                  c/o Postmaster
                 New Haven, Conn.                         San Francisco, Calif.

[CENSOR'S STAMP]     SEE INSTRUCTION NO. 2         (Sender's complete address above)

Dear Arnold                                         19 Aug 44
     Please forgive me if you are now a Lieut. and if so congratulations
of the highest order. Well I am now on an island, somewhere in the
Pacific. The weather is hot and humid, it reminds me of North Carolina
in July. It really knows how to rain here, it feels like you were
under Boulder Dam and the bottom fell out. I can hardly wait for the
rainy season to start.
     The more I see around here the more I wonder why I tried so hard
to go overseas. Of course I am disappointed that I did'nt get to go the
other way, but I guess things are not to hot over there either. So
don't get rash and attempt to jump on a boat. You'll see what it is
like soon enough. Besides the more training you get the better off
your men and you will be.
     Write and let me know what you are doing now, and just becaus e
you don't receive an answer, don't let it stop youfrom writing another
letter. I don't know when I will be able to mail another letter.
     I have'nt received any mail since I left, and if I keep moving
about I don't know when it will catch up with me. You might include
news of Flavell, Fischer, and some of the other fellows from home.
And say hello to them if you see any of them.


      ADDRESS AT TOP?                                 V-MAIL                       ADDRESS AT TOP?

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