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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

August 23, 1944


                                                                       Aug 23, 1944

Dear Arnold,
     Received your letter yesterday along with the first mail
I've had since I left.  Congratulations! It sure was great to
hear that you had received your commission, and that you were
assigned to Harvard.  It was a long hard struggle but I think
you will find it is worth it. How do you like it Lieutenant!
I was still at Ritchie on the 14th but was probably out when
you called on the phone, we did'nt leave until th e next day.
I bet you really surprised the folks by dropping in on them.
Four days at home after all time you were away was really a
short vivit, I know becuase that was all the time I had.
However I think you will agree it was worth it. Flying is
the only way to travel.

     I am now on an other island in the SouthPacific. I was
on Guadacanal for a short time.  thingsare'nt too tough here,
in fact I was a little agreeably surprised at the way they
have things fixed up around here.  Very civilized.  My assign-
ment is a little screwed up but I think it will work out in
the long run, but I don't know how far I will have to run?
We are treated very nice, and it look slike this is a good

     It is going to take us a little while to get straightened
around and set up.  I don't know how long I will be here,
probably not over several months. It looks like the work
may be rather interesting, I only hope we can do what we
came out here to do.  We are camped in an areawhich is near
the center ofa rather large perimeter. Roughly the perimeter
extends from the beach some six or eight mile inland and is
more or less the same dimension in width.  Most of this area
was drained and clear of the water and dense jungle growth.
They have done an excellent job of fixing the place up and
it is quite liveable.  Please don't hesitate to describe your
pleasant surroundings, it makes me think of better days.
Of course there are a few Japs somewhere around the outside,
bu they keep their distance and are not bothersome. In fact
they don't even blackout here, and have'nt done it for quite
some time.

     I am sure sorry I did'nt get up to see you before I left,
but it was just impossible. Tell Ed hello next time you see
him and tell I would be glad to hear from him. And don't
hesitate to write yourself soon and often.I think I'd better
close until later, the bugs have about taken over the place.
They are busy flying around trying to read what I'm trying to
type, and I don't like to work with somebody or things looking
over my shoulder. Lets hit the ball lieutenant and go to MIT.
                                 from your loving brother
                             [signed] Leonard

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