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Friday, May 23, 2014

April 7, 1943

[April 7, 1943, page 1]

Dear Arnold,
     Thanks for your unusual and
interesting letter of the 29th. I
wish something unusual, exciting
and different would happen to
     Well, I think I am beginning
to wear into the groove a little. Now
I just don't five a damn what happens.
I just play along - I don't even
bother about the date or how many
weeks left - I just go thru a
specified series of motions every day.
     However, I had to change my

schedule the other day - temporarily
I hope - It happened this way:
One by one the toilets went out
of order until only two were still in
working condition - naturally a
shit crisis developed - so I had
to changed my schedule. Otherwise

[page 2]
things are just about the same here
as ever. I could fill pages of beefing
such as shaving with cold water, the damn
furnace broke down, etc., But perhaps
I should write about something good -
- damned if I can think of anything
good at the moment - we measure from
the xy axis down here, consequently every-
thing is just a relative degree of badness
Example          |
                    __|__ good [arrow up] +   note: The equation of the curve
                        |   bad  [arrow down] -            of OCS does not extend
                        |                                              above the x axis

     Everybody here believes in the philosophy
of the dog (forgive me for my coarseness, but this is
the army). Philosophy of the dog: If you can't
eat it or fuck it, then piss on it.
     Well I am writing this in the
baggage room after 10:30 which is illegal,
and its almost 11:00 so I guess I'd
better get in bed before bed check.
                             Your brother
P.S. If you were in the army you would
hike 100 miles where you could ride 16.
N.B. Flavell would enjoy the dog philosophy
as it is his type of humor - so tell him
for me.

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