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Saturday, May 24, 2014

April 26, 1943

[April 26, 1943, page 1]

                             Camp Davis

Dear Arnold
     I am in study hall thus the paper.
It is a black sin to write in class, in fact
two boys in their last week were kicked out
of school for egetting caught. Notice I say
getting caught - the the army you can't
do anything wrong unless you are caught.
But I feel fairly safe as this book
makes for good camouflage.
However it doesn't pay to pull any smart
guy moves because sooner or later they will
get you. But I am caught up with my
work so I will excuse myself tonight.

     This week has started off pretty
well, for the instructors seem to be
almost human, also we have study
hall from 6:15 to 7:15 instead of
7 to 9 P.M. - this gives us more time in
the evenings and we can even go to
a late show.

[page 2]

I've gotten so I don't give a damn
anymore - the place is run on a chicken
shit basis and if you get on the shit
list you your through. So far I've kept
off the "S" list and hope to keep
keeping off it. When I see some
of the guys that are getting through
as officers I see why we are having
so much trouble in the army.

     I'm getting used to  being kicked
around, and I find that if I take
it easy I get along much better. In
fact on the Saturday inspection
of last week I received a commendation
on my brass - since these are very rare
I felt pretty good about it. Well I
better close before I'm caught.
Write soon.

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