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Monday, June 9, 2014

November 29, 1944

I could not figure out what WAH means.  And U.S. Philippines Invasion Money might be the counterfeit money the U.S. had printed up in Australia to trigger inflation and undermine confidence in the Japanese Invasion money. 

                                                                 29th Nov

Dear Arnold,
     Just received your letter of the 14th.  So old Chezzer
got himself almost hooked!  Well, well the wolf gets caught
in a trap.  Tell him that what he gets for sticking his paws
in unknown places.  Tell him to write me all about it, I have'nt
heard from him in some time, but I guess he has been busy with
his wooing.  Things are going along as per usual here, not many
changes.  I just returned form Corps Hdqs, and although it is
only about ten miles away it is an all day trip, because of the
mud and rivers.  Mud, mud, mud what a place for a alot of pigs
to wallow in.  Are we pigs?  Well we are wallowing in it anyway.
I am glad to hear that you will have five more months in the
states after December 1st.  Are you nuts?  What in the hell
do you want to rush out here for anyway.  There is nothing out
here to induce a good clean living american boy to come out here. [in margin:] here, here

                                                                 Same Place
                                                                 30th Nov

     Well I was interrupted last night, I forgot why, but I
was so tired that I did'nt bother to finish your letter.
Lets see, what is new?  Not a damn thing, as far as I can see.
For us back here at Div Hqs, this is something like a field
problem or manuevers, except it ain't, its WAH.  I wish I
could get a chance to get my clothes washed (Filipinos wash
them), I am beginning to smell a bit strong.
     Well by the time this reaches you it will be winter.  I
can remember that delightful morning of the 1st of Jan, when I stepped
off the train into the cold, crisp air of Maryland.  I wish I
could do that again this January.  But here I am in the land of
eternal summer, sun tans?, and fatigues.  At night I dream of
the states.  This reminds me of OCS, when I use to dream I was
somewhere else, but when I woke up in the morning I was still
in OCS, but finally one sweet day came when I woke up out of
OCS, and then I began to dream I was back in OCS, viciouscircle
circle?  Well I have to wire some sockets up in our new G-2
tent, so I will close for now.  Enclosed you will find some
Jap invasion money (taken off some dead Japs) and some US

[page 2, reverse of letter]
Philippines Invasion Money. [handwritten] + a Dutch Guiller from dutch
New Guinea.

                                  [signed] Leonard

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