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Friday, June 6, 2014

November 27, 1944

The two sides of this letter showed through so the photocopy is very messy and at some point Dad crossed off the irrelevant lines; it was probably typed on onionskin paper. I have recopied and whited out the bleed through.  think AAA refers to antiaircraft artillery.

                                                                         Nov 27th, Mon.
Dear Arnold,
     Here I am writing on the Companys time.  It is eight-thirty
in the morning of the 27th.  It is just about the same time in
the evening of the 26th where you are.  Sunday night, I wonder
what you are doing?  one of the bosses just came by and beefed
about writing letters at this time.  But we explained that because
of the lights being off during the air raid last night, we did'nt
get a chance to write.  For a while we were down on the beach.
It was sandy with palm trees, and convient for bathing. We are
now some miles inland, where it is muddy with palm trees.  There
are many rivers around here and few bridges, hence travel is most
difficult and to go a few miles takes a long time. The mud varies
from a foot on the main road to three or so off the main roads.
This is what happens when it rains for a week.  The boys at the
front have a really tough time, and as soon as things dry up we
should be able to mop the island up.
     I have seen three or four Jap planes shot down so far, the
air raid alerts are very frequent.  They have a projector and
screen set up here at Div Hqs, but so far I have'nt been able to
see a complete picture.  I waited until late last night for the
all clear, but it never came so all I saw was a pyrotechnic display
put on through the courtesy of the AAA.  We can hear the explosions
from bombs and shellings, but are far enough back to miss the
effects.  I have'nt had a chance to visit the lines yet, but I am
going to try soon.

     I hear that Mother had an operation, but I don't know what it

[page 2]

was all about, if you know the details write and let me know.
My little section has been kept pretty busy.  Like everything else
this work has settled down into a routine.  But I have nothing
to complain about, I'm lucky to be where I am.  I wish you would
get this silly idea out of your head, about wanting to come over
seas soon.  I have to close now, write soon.


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