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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

July 16, 1945

                                                      July 16
                                                     Leyte Is PI
Dear Arnold,
     Well here I am back on Leyte, a hole
of the first waters. I am in a General Hosp
with a rather severe case of yellow jaundice.
For a while I was pretty yellow (still am), but
its clearing up a little now. I will probably be
here for a month or six weeks or so, as about
the only cure is a good long rest. I would get
sick just as we were coming out of combat. I
had expected to planned to visit Manila
and Baguio, and look up a lot of old friends.
Now I suppose that I will return just in
time to push off for Japan.
     Naturally there isn't much for me to
write about, inasmuch as I have been in bed
for almost three weeks. All I do is read,
sleep, play cards, or chew the fat with some
of the other patients. A hell of a life!
From your letter I surmise that you had a
good visit in the valley. I sure wish I
could have been there. I tell you what
I would like to have right now a thick
malted milk at that malt shop in Hanford,
or even a plain glass of cold fresh milk.

[page 2]

     If it is possible would you explain in a little
more detail just what kind of work you are
doing now (if any).
     Wel Bud, its pretty hard to think of
something to write about, when absolutely
nothing new happens, and when there isn't
much life (pep) in you. So I am going
to close. Write soon.

P.S. Address
     118th Gen Hosp
     APO 1002 c/PM
     S-- ---

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