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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

August 7, 1945

Apparently Uncle Len had Hepatitis A, or infectious hepatitis.

                                              Aug 7th
Dear Arnold,
     This may catch up with you in Florida.
You should be getting rich on travel pay
and per diem. I feel perfectly well
but will probably be here another week
or so. Two other fellows and I built
a couple of model airplanes, one a
flyable Zero, and the other a solid model
of the P51, which we are giving to a nurse.
If you ever get sick get yellow
jaundice. The only cure is plenty of
rest, and except for two weeks when
I couldn't eat and felt like I had
been kicked in the stomach it hasn't
bothered me at all. However I
a pretty good case of it, they didn't
take my index until I had started
to get well about 16 days later and
it was 95.
     I am starting to put on a
little weight and gut. Enclosed are
two pictures of me. I probably weighed
around 140-150 lbs then (still do).


[page 2]

     Although I am a little late may I
extend birthday greetings to an old
man of 24. The three or four years have
really ripped by, what, and they
start accelerating from her on in. When
are you going to get married? or even
get a girl? or have you one in the wood-
pile that I don't know about?
     It looks like we will have to land
on Japan to make them surrender, and I'll
probably be there. How many points have
you got? I have 61! Not counting
my illegitimate children, so I'll
be around here got quite a while.
     Well that's about all for now.

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