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Monday, June 2, 2014

October 5, 1944

                                      Thurs, 5th Oct.

                        [handwritten at angle] 1944

Dear Arnold,

     Thanks for your letter. It sure

sounds swell in the New England states

I wish I could be there for the fall.

Enclosed you will find a description

of a overnight jungle patrol.  I want

you to meet the guys that are winning

this war.  Please send this copy on

to Flavell after you are through with

it.  Write soon.


P.S. His address:
           Lt E W. Flavell
           40 Kirkland St.
           Cambridge, Mass.

This is his old address, I can't find
the lastest one, would you see if you
can?  If not send it there, they'll
forward it.

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