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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

October 15, 1944

                                                                                 Sunday, Oct 15th

Dear Arnold,

     I have already sent a bunch of negatives home and accord-
ing to Mother they have already been printed and some should
be back on their way out here.  So your getting per diem, if
you get your other allowances too, I figure that you should be
pulling around $336 per month, though, huh?  But I suppose you
will get used to it in time.  Talking about seeing pictures we
probably see them before you do.  Last night we saw DEVOTION
with Oliva Dehaviland, Ida Lupino, and Paul Henreid, which
is'nt going to be released in the States until 1945.  Recently
I have seen CASANOVA BROWN with Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright,
IMPATIENT YEARS with Jean Arthur, MR. SKEFFINGTON with Bette
Davis and Claude Rains, MR. WINKLE GOES TO WAR with Edward G
Robinson, MARRIAGE IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR with Lana Turner(this
one had its world Premere here), and a number of other lesser
pictures.  DEVOTION and MR. SKEFFINGTON are excellent, don't
miss them.  You know it was worth coming overseas just to be
able to see the pictures first?

     I guess I have told you that I am leaving this outfit
pretty soon.  So far my orders hav'nt come through yet.  I
am going to an Airbourne Division.  It ought to be pretty
interesting and lots of fun.  Don't tell the folks they might
worry too much.  Both of my enlisted men are going with me,
and frankly they don't seem to appreviate it as much as I do.
But in the type of work we are doing there is'nt much to
worry about, I only hope it turns out to be the good deal that
I hope it will be.

     You can tell the Major that things have changed quite
a bit since he was here, however there has been some recent
trouble up a well known trail, and they are killing Japs up
there every day.  At least when I leave I will have something
new to write about for awhile.  Things have fallen into such
a routine pattern here that it is difficult to write about
any thing that is interesting or intelligent.  So I dribble
on about the inconsequential little things, and try to fill
up a page of typing.  Excuse me while I go eat lunch.

     Well I've finished lunch, I did'nt feel like eating much,
they threw a big party here last night celebrating their fourth
year of army service.  Although I did'nt get fried, I did con-
sume a good deal of the free liquor.  It was a good party, and
for those people who base the success of a party on the number
potted guests, it was a hugh triumph.

     It has been hoter than hell this morning, and just as I
sat down here to finish this letter so I could go swimming,
the sun went behind a cloud, while all morning I could'nt find
a cloud in the sky.  Probably by the time I get down to the
beach it will be raining, the hell with it, I'll go anyway.
Well write soon, I'll send you some of those pictures.

                                   [signed] Leonard

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