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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

November 15, 1944

                                             Nov 15th Wed.
                               somewhere in the SWP
Dear Arnold,
     Well Bub, how are you? I expect
its getting pretty cold now where you are
How do you like the east in the autumn?
Do you still go boating on the Charles river?
And how are you coming in your classes, you
never mention that?  What about your
love life, have you met any cute chicks yet,
you old hermit?
     Things are going pretty well with me.
So far I have been given a free rein in my
work, and I hope to make some real progress.
At present I am loafing around, but I expect
to be busier than hell soon. I like this work
I sometimes wonder how I ever got into such a
sweet racket.
     Well Dewey lost the election, I see.
I guess we will have to grin and bear it. I
wish they could get off the dime in Europe,
and clean things up. As you have read by
the news we are going along pretty good down
here, and Bub, we're just getting started.
If I'm lucky I may be home in a year.

[page 2]
     When do you finish your course? Are you
going on to MIT and if so when will you finish
that? Take it easy and don't try to rush out
here. And by all means have a good time while
your in the states, it is nice to look back on. I'm
glad I spent seven months at Ritchie. I had
the time of my life. I spent over $1500 while I
was there, but I don't regret a cent of it. I will
be able to save plenty out here. Starting this
month I intend to sock away $175 per plus a
twenty-five dollar bond. I have been saving $75
plus a bond, and have been paying Dad the money I
owed him. I am now clear of debt and several hundred
dollars ahead. If I can stay with this outfit a
year I can save at least $2000 in that time. Jump
pay is a nice thing.
          I am inclosing some pictures that
were taken on Bougainville. My hair has
grown out now and I don't look quite so
bad.  Write soon.

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