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Saturday, June 14, 2014

March 24, 1945

OB would be "Order of Battle". Not sure if CBI is "China-Burma-India" theater.  SWPA is South West Pacific Area. Look alike their cousin Edwin died and Len is concerned about Edwin's mother Laura.
                                                                                   March 24

Dear Arnold,

     I am sorry I have'nt written you for such a long time, mainly
due to plenty of work.  In addition to being Order of Battle Officer,
my main job, I now go out about every/other day on G-2 liaison work.
This means every night that I come in I have to check over OB stuff,
and by the time I am through I am too tired to write anything else.
I guess you have been reading alot about this unit in the papers
upon occasion, its a damn good outfit, and probably the toughest
fighting unit down here, bar none, including the Rangers.  However
a personal situation has arisen between myself and the G-2, and I
think it best that I try to transfer, as I have the feeling that
a knife is constantly ticking me right between the shoulder blades,
and at the first chance it will slip in.  So far I have'nt offered
him that chance.  If I stay here I will probably get a section 8,
as I am fast becoming a nervous wreck.

     The other day I received the wings you sent me, and today I
received the pen and pencil set (the thing I needed most, as I had
lost mine) and the pajamas and slippers, which will also come in
very handy.  Thanks very much, things like that just can't be had
out here.

     We are still at it, with no breaks.  Its a tough life, especially
for the kids in the Infantry Companies.  I have'nt had any close
calls lately, in fact I am starting to become a little less anxious
about rushing right up and looking at things, too many people are
collecting insurance on deals like that.  Its too bad about Edwin,
he was the type that would get right up there and really mix it up.
I hope Aunt Laura won't take it too hard.

     I guess you will be fixing up to come overhere soon now.  If
you are ask to accept another job in the states, take it.  I guarantee
you won't be crazy about being in CBI or SWPA.  Frankly I am ready
to come home now, who isn't, but that is'nt the way it works. I
guess the best way to figure is this; If you go home now the job
won't be really done, so its best to stay out here until it is
done correctly, even if it takes two more years. [ARROW] The only thing     (What
I am worried about is after we do a good job out here of knocking                 am I
off the Japs to the proper proportion and into the proper attutde,                   saying!)
will the boys in the marble buildings at home do a good job on
the peace?

     I am tired tonight, and I think I will go to bed.  I will try
to finish this tomorrow.

     Well Bud I am going to wind this
up and get it off you you  Inclosed
you will find a description of our landing
Notice it was written 5th Feb I came
across it straightning up my files, and
found that I never had a chance to mail it.
The censoring was done by me, although
actually what I cut out has been
said in the papers (and more too). Write

P.S. Thanks for the card(s)
     Thanks for the TIME SUBSCRIPTION

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