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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

December 1944 or January 1945

[page 1 has gone missing, not sure of date either]

[page 2]
That little bottle travelled a long ways, but when I opened it, the journey
was over.  You can't imagine how delicious it tasted.  I could have sold or
traded it for untold value.

     Inclosed you find a picture taken of me just after I had hit the ground
for my final qualifying jump.  No I did'nt land on my feet.  The chute is a
camouflage job, and is a bit hard to see.  I will send the negative later
(when I get it), and I wish you would have several enlargements made and
sent to me.   I have a roll of film in the camera in the process of being
shot up, but it has been for a week, and I hope it is'nt ruined.  I have
taken great care to keep it dry, but the heavy moisture out here has a very
disasterous effect on film left in a camera over two days.  If they come
out OK I will send you some of the pictures.

     Well here to a Happy New Year for you.  I hope things are going well
at MIT, by the way do you still get per diem?  Well Bud write soon.

                                                       [signed] Leonard

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